Confessions of a Scrap Paper Hoarder

photo (1)My love for paper — perhaps you could call it an obsession — started when I took a trip to Michaels (the craft store at which I can never not spend money) and purchased a 5-pound bag of colorful scraps of paper for $5. Mind you, this was probably when I was in fifth grade, so the obsessive behavior continues to this very day. That plastic package contained sheets of all sizes — the standard 8.5 x 11, small 2×2 squares, 12×12, and everything in between. There was cardstock, corrugated cardboard, and paper of different thicknesses. Continue reading “Confessions of a Scrap Paper Hoarder”


Thank you cards

My family received  three seasons of A&E’s Duck Dynasty. My sister and I made this card in order to customize it to the gift. 
Who doesn’t love a nice pair of fuzzy socks? My sisters and I each received a pair and we are already enjoying them. I cut the “socks” out of a gift bag that had images of stockings. Make do with what you have, I say!