Brainless Butterfly Shrimp [recipe]

IMG_3808I used to not eat shrimp. Ever. Which is funny because I’m Cantonese and Chinese, and shrimp is a staple seafood of the cuisine. Growing up, going out to eat dim sum was a frequent family event on the weekends. We’d order xiā jiǎo (shrimp dumplings, a.k.a. har gow), and I’d peel out the shrimp filling, plop it on one of my parents’ plates, and only eat the starchy rice flour dumpling wrapper. My parents joke that I missed out on “the good stuff.”

seafoodIt wasn’t until our family took a trip to Hong Kong when I was nine years old that I began eating shrimp. There, we rode a ferry out to the tiny island of Cheung Chau, which is restricted to motor vehicles. I remember biking along the water front and seeing fisherman laying out their freshly-caught scallops and shrimp to dry in the sun. Our host simply walked up to one of those fisherman and purchased seafood. She only had to go a few feet away to a restaurant where she handed over the fish and shrimp. That shrimp was the juiciest, sweetest shrimp I have ever tasted and I have yet to experience shrimp that matches that standard. Continue reading “Brainless Butterfly Shrimp 


summer pasta salad

This is the second post in a series called From the Mixed Up Manila Folder where I am cooking from a collection of assorted recipes clipped from magazines and copied from cookbooks. 

I admit that I am a lazy cook. I like the end result but I don’t like the part that involves a ton of chopping or a lot of stress. And I especially prefer when I already have every ingredient in the pantry/fridge/garden that I need without having to make a grocery trip.

That’s why this recipe floats my boat. It can be whipped up in 30 minutes and made in advance. In fact, it even tastes better if made ahead because the flavors meld and the pasta soaks up the dressing.

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