Egg Roll Cookies


My family has a semi-strict rule against purchasing kitchen appliances that only serve one purpose. For example, a cherry pitter or a kiwi knife or a panini maker are absolute no-goes because they take up valuable cabinet real estate. If the device or appliance has only a single capability, we believe that more multi-purpose paring knife or just a good ol’ frying pan can do the trick. Continue reading “Egg Roll Cookies”


Chinese Flan

We were driving up a one lane road in search of our friends’ house. It was the first time we’d ventured up there and little did we know that this family literally lives on top of a very steep hill. Unfortunately, the dizzying feeling of carsickness soon came along. That’s when I started staring at the road’s median strip and maneuvering a pretend steering wheel.

As my sisters and I attempted to combat our minor carsickness, this flan sloshed around in the trunk. It seems to me that flans are rather picky about the conditions. They are rather delicate custards, and let’s just say that they don’t fancy hairpin turns.

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Even though the flan experienced a bit of trauma during transportation, fellow foodies (family, friends, neighbors down the street) will give you a thumbs up after a single bite. Continue reading “Chinese Flan”