The Bake Sale Life

P1050390The funniest part of the whole day was when the guy drove back down my dead-end street and slid open his car window.

“Pregnancy cravings,” he said, referring to his very pregnant wife who sat in the passenger seat. We made the quick trade: $3 for a still steamy cranberry orange scone wrapped in a sea foam green paper napkin. Then, he immediately reversed the car all the way down the street towards the corner stop sign.

Mind you, this was after the couple had already walked down all the way to the end of the street and picked up a generously-sized steamy scone.

Such is the bake sale life.

This year, unlike last year’s summer bake sale across the street from a local park, I took advantage of my block-wide garage sale and sold baked goods from the comfort of my own front lawn. Or, what you might call a lawn even though it’s a tumble jumble of weeds and gopher holes. Anyways, this meant that I could sell fresh from the oven baked goods like a cranberry-orange zest twist on Harrods Scones.

Hungry Saturday morning bargain hunters were generally eager to purchase homemade goodies, especially when they find out all the proceeds are going towards a worthy cause. This year, I chose a non-profit in my local community that I hold especially close to my heart: Ada’s Cafe. I was privileged enough over the summer to get to intern there. Ada’s, which stands for the American Disabilities Act, aims to give disabled adults (“the associates”) vocational experience as they work at a food-service business. This organization just makes me want to grin because it will not only provide locally produced, delicious food at one of the city libraries, but the amazing Ada’s associates take such joy in meticulously preparing the food.


On our bake sale menu, there were loaves of homemade banana bread, lemon bars, brownies (not from a mix), chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, chocolate saucer cookies and classic cinnamon sugar coated snickerdoodles. We sold almost everything!



The result of 1 night of baking, a few pounds of butter, a large bag of flour, and quite a few cups of sugar? A little over $100 raised to benefit Ada’s! I think it was worth it.

That’s all for now!


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