Three Good Eats (#2)

I’m bringing you the second installment of Three Good Eats. Pretty much I’ll highlight a few of other people’s recipes that I tried out this week. If anything looks appetizing, be sure to hop on over to the other sites!

The recipes I made this week were all about brand names. I don’t know why, but just like buying brand-name clothing, I always gravitate towards the recipes that supposedly come from the most famous eateries.

But first let’s chat about summer produce.


This lovely brown paper bag of fresh-picked peaches and pluots (yep, those plum-apricot hybrids) landed on our porch one afternoon. Our summer fruits supply is quickly shrinking since my family can’t help but savor the sensation of sweet peach juice dripping down our chins. Lately, figuring out what to do with mushy, overripe fruit has not been an issue.

How do you enjoy your summer produce? Let me know by commenting below!

With no further ado, time to talk about this week’s Three Good Eats.

P1040885 1. Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie from Chez Panisse on the New York Times

If you heard me lament about the warm weather, you might be happy to know that it cooled down enough for me to turn on the oven. It was my little sister’s birthday, and she requested a lemon meringue pie. I feel like there are too many recipes in the world to try so I rarely reuse one unless it’s truly amazing.

Take One of Lemon Meringue Pie was way back in March for Pi Day. But here’s where my attraction to brand-name recipes comes in. Many people have heard about Chez Panisse, the creation of the renowned Alice Waters in Berkeley, CA. Although I’m a proud California girl, I’ve never had the chance to experience it yet. However, the fact that Chez Panisse was named Best Restaurant in America by Gourmet in 2001 definitely made the recipe more exciting. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try out a recipe especially if it was semi famous.


2. Easy Baked Tofu from Moosewood Cooks

Hmmm…do we have another problem here? Yup, I’ve never eaten at Moosewood Restaurant either. But I know I already love their tofu. It’s perfectly crispy, lightly seasoned and a nice snack and side dish. I like baking mine in the oven. Once I slice them really thin, I mix up the sauce in the plastic container the tofu came in. I’m all for less dishes to clean up. And if you’d let me, I could easily devour the whole plate.


3. Whole Grain Buttermilk Pancakes from Rick and Ann’s

I kind of really enjoy these pancakes. They are definitely not your standard fluffy pancake like the ones I made after my trip. You need to think of them like crepes because they are super thin. But talk about texture! Food with a good “bite” or chewiness is always my favorite. These have bits of cornmeal and blended grains for a wholesome start to your day. I made these on National Chocolate Chip Day (August 4), so I sprinkled my pancakes with some gems of chocolately goodness. Blueberries would work well too!

Reading back through this post, I realize that like usual I worked my way from dessert to breakfast. Pretty typical for me. If not for tradition, I’d happily eat dessert before dinner every single day.

And it looks like there’s another theme. I’ve never eaten at a single one of these restaurants. But that’s why I have the Internet so I can get a taste in the comfort of my own home!


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