season’s bounty corn salad + a nifty trick

Allow me to introduce you to something that kind of blew my mind.


Yup. As usual it’s food related. But let me tell you, this is no ordinary salad. It’s the marriage of some of the best summer veggies, namely corn and tomato. What could get any better? The flavors dance in your mouth and for people like me who love salads with a burst of sweetness, the corn brightens up the dish. The drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil just enhances everything.

Just like my last post (which was also a salad since I’m in salad mode), this salad tastes even better once refrigerated overnight. But if you can’t wait and just have to eat it after you’ve made it, go ahead. Nothing will explode. 🙂

Doesn’t everyone just love it when they have a “light bulb” moment? That feeling of “ahha” or “that’s so cool” occurred while I was making this dish last night. My mom suggested I cut the corn off the cob using a bundt pan. At first, I was seriously confused. What do a corn cob and a cake pan have to do with each other?

Let me show you this nifty kitchen trick and then tell me if it doesn’t make you excited.


You just stick the corn cob in the middle of the pan and cut the corn off the cob. Low mess and (most of) the corn kernels end up in one place.



Talk about cool, right?

Okay, so now I’m sure you all want to try it out as in both the salad and get out your bundt pan. Head on over to Epicurious for the recipe!



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