Food Sighting: Arcangeli Grocery Co.

Even while on a camping trip a few weekends ago, I could still be found searching for good food and documenting process with the help of an iPhone. (Therefore, please excuse the poor picture quality.)


While camping for two nights at a campground nestled in the redwoods of San Mateo County, we took a day excursion to the seaside city of Pescadero, California.

Lucky me – I was in the perfect location where I could experience the majesty of the forest and the peacefulness of the beach on the same day.

Whenever we venture into Pescadero, we always stop by Argangeli’s Grocery Co. (aka Norm’s Market).

Arcangeli   another


This place is famous across Northern California for its artichoke garlic herb bread. I’ve only tried this signature loaf once but the generous chunks of artichoke hearts dispersed throughout the dough are pretty unique.

My family finds the artichokes a little bit annoying but then again everyone is entitled to their own food likes/dislikes.

We instead opt for the garlic herb sourdough. You might already know I love sourdough if you read my first post on this blog about my sourdough starter.

Arcangeli’s Garlic Herb Sourdough

When we walked into the small store, we were disappointed that there only seemed to be two loaves of each type of bread left over. But suddenly, a new batch of freshly baked, warm from the oven bread came out. Fresh bread equals pure bliss.

chunk of bread

Besides crusty bread with the perfect buttery touch, the family business sells homemade pies and preserves.


In the back of the market, we joined the throng of bicyclists who habitually grab a deli sandwiches after biking to Pescadero.

The deli offers various types of meat as well as other options such as seafood or egg salad.


But don’t stop at the meat. There’s many types of cheese, homemade pickles, and of course a wide array of bread choices. The Dutch crunch roll is especially tasty. For a thick roll and generous sandwich fixings, you can design your own sandwich for under $7.


Right across the street from Arcangeli’s is a tiny farmer’s market. Like literally run by one family of farmers. I knew because one of the vendors would rotate to the table they saw you inspecting.

Nevertheless, I am always impressed by the freshness and naturalness of straight-from-the-farm food.

1 2

After picking up some inexpensive avocados to spread atop our sandwiches, we headed to the beach for a couple hours of beachside napping, good food, “wave” tag (running from the tide), and beautiful scenery. Be sure to check out the lovely town of Pescadero and stop by Arcangeli’s if you’re ever in that area.

Panorama mode experimentation

Wishing you happy food sightings in your town!


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