Three Good Eats (#1)


I’m sure you know or remember high school and that final push before summer vacation. At my high school campus, I’ve seen people running around the campus clutching AP and SAT prep books, noticed my classmates dozing in class with their head leaned against their hands, and heard lots of cries of frustration (“I’m so stressed,” “I got two hours of sleep last night,” “I am so done with school”).

As I start studying for my finals this weekend, meaning I try to stuff everything I learned this semester back into my brain, I smile at the thought of no school when I can try a new recipe every single day. For a wannabe food blogger, that’s pretty much bliss.

Here’s a glance at what I’ve been eating in the past few weeks. The criteria seems to be nourishing, easy and satisfying.



1. Carrot Cake Pancakes from Minimalist Baker 

These are dense, chewy, and carroty. On a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I loved the thickness and doughiness of this pancake and the crunch of walnuts and coconut.



2. Banana “Ice Cream”

Let me tell you, this recipe is magic. It is seriously almost too simple that I am guilty of eating it for a few days in a row. Especially if you’re experiencing a heat wave, this is what you want to eat.

Freeze three frozen bananas without their skin until they are icy hard. In a blender (my Vitamix works well), blend bananas and 2 tablespoons half-in-half or milk (for creaminess, this is optional). Pour into two bowls and devour with a spoon! I am not ashamed of that Yogurtland spoon…I thought I was being environmentally friendly by reusing it and it made me feel like I was eating froyo.

Serves 2


3 medium sized bananas

2 tablespoons milk or half-and-half for extra creaminess (optional)

Method: Chop bananas into 1-2” pieces. Freeze until solid by placing pieces on a baking sheet so that they do not stick to each other. If using a heavy duty blender such as a Vitamix, there is no need to chop bananas prior to freezing. Simply use whole frozen bananas.In a blender, combine frozen bananas and milk or half-and-half. Blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

Check out the Kitchn for more fancy additions to this recipe.


mini madelein

3. Mini Madeleines from AllRecipes

Have I told you I love thrift shopping?

I don’t usually like to buy really specific kitchen pans and appliances but on a recent trip to Goodwill, I couldn’t pass up this min madeleine tin.

My madeleine baking day just happened to coincide with Mother’s Day. According to a French translator, “madeleine” means “something that triggers memories or nostalgia” which I think fit the day. 

These were not too sweet, slightly dense and of course, much much better than anything from the store.



Wishing everyone a good week filled with delicious homemade goodies!









3 thoughts on “Three Good Eats (#1)

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  2. Katherine

    Oo Bethany I’ve been wanting to make the banana ice cream for a while! I’m so happy that you posted it! It means that I’m not the only person who want to make it haha
    Keep up the good work! Love this blog!

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