Part I: Failed Lunch Lady Bars


As I was baking last weekend, I found that I tend to get pretty creative and spacey at night. Around 9pm. Probably not a good combo.

So I don’t know why, but I decided to bake cookie bars for my church’s Sunday service project of feeding warm food to homeless people in the community. We call it S.O.S standing for Sandwiches on Sundays. The people always are excited for the first Sunday of the month because that is when my church brings hot, fresh food such as chili and rice and gives them sandwiches to take home for their next meal.

So on that Saturday night, I made cookie bars while trying to play a board game called Ticket to Ride at the same time. I thought everything was fine until the next day we served them and someone called them “biscotti.” The “Lunch Lady Bars” are supposed to be soft and gooey like cookie dough. Not crumbly and dry like mine.


I was so excited about the family game that I left them in the oven for too long.

I will definitely try this recipe again since the healthy side of me loves that they are made out of oil, not butter.




If you want to try out the recipe or see how they’re actually supposed to look, check out this blog: Taste and Tell


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